Mi hermanita dulce, Lupita, introduces me, from time to time, to Latina music she loves.  This is my favorite, and I thought I’d share it for you to enjoy.  I have linked to another video with lyrics (con letra), as well as an English translation of said lyrics below.

This song is very pleasing to me musically, and I enjoy it in an academic sense, inasmuch as it helps me hear and internalize pronunciation.  However, what I enjoy most is that the lyrics are so very sweet and sentimental.  I’m a sucker for that, I’m afraid.  I hope you enjoy it, too.  I’ll post others Lupita shares with me, as well as those I discover on my own, from time to time.

¡Hasta luego, amigas!

Prince Royce – Soy el mismo (con letra – lyrics)


2 thoughts on “Prince Royce – Soy El Mismo

    • I remember his being one of your faves, Hermana. And thus, he’s one of mine now. Still trying to decide whether I prefer this one or “Stand by Me”. But I’m in no hurry to know!

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