Hola, amigas.  (¡Y feliz cumpleaños a mi hermana, Lupita!)  🙂

Here’s another favorite of ours from another sister-and-brother team, Jesse y Joy — “Si Te Vas” (translated, “If you go”).  The song’s a bit sad, but the music is upbeat, and the video has some fun bits if you wait for them.  Even some of the lyrics might give you a little chuckle.  E.g.,

Si no estás mi alma extrañará
tu imperfecta personalidad.
… which is reminiscent of the irony in one of HA*ASH’s hits — one I haven’t shared with you yet, but will soon.  (Be sure to come back next week!)

We welcome your comments, of course.  Would you like more Jesse & Joy?  Prefer the “snappy” tunes?  The ballads?  Neither?  Both?

¡Hasta luego, amigas!

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