Interested in learning Spanish yourself?  On this page, I will share links to various sites and products we have found useful in our own quest for getting Joaquin to a state of Spanish literacy.  It will include training sites, reference sites, and maybe even some YouTube channels Lupita and I have found useful.  If something else occurs to me, that’ll end up here, too.  Here’s what we have so far!  (Since this is a work in progress, don’t be surprised to encounter some empty, place-holder bullet lists at first.  We’ll get there!)

On-line Training Sites

Okay, this should be obvious by now, but my go-to training site is Rocket Spanish.  However, there are others one might use, and I’ll try to be fair and list the ones I’ve come across or heard good things about here.


These sites have been helpful to me while I’m traversing the beginning modules of Rocket Spanish, where conjugation and grammar are not yet discussed.  Since I studied Spanish once before (many years ago), I get frustrated trying to remember how to express certain English phrases in Spanish without sounding like the beginner I am.  When that happens, I often turn to these:

Y Más

Believe it or not, listening to music really helps me in the process.  I was once a musician — still am one in my mind — and am very moved by music.  Listening to the lyrics and pronunciation, even at the beginning stages where I don’t understand everything I’m hearing, helps me develop my ear (and, when I am able to sing along, my pronunciation).  If you find any of these too sappy, forgive me.  Lupita introduced me to some of them, and she’s a little sentimental sometimes.  (Okay, so am I, if I’m honest, but it’s easier to blame her!)