¡Otra semana, otra vídeo de música:  Sin Bandera’s “Que Lloro”!

At long last…

I don’t know why this was still sitting around in my drafts drawer.  Since September of last year!  It’s a lovely song.  Sad — “y no te vuelvas si no quieres que lloro por ti, que lloro sin ti” — but beautiful, all the same.

So many of the beautiful songs are sad, and vice versa.  Not sure why.  Anyway, my sharing it with you is now past due, but I’m sharing it anyway, in hopes that you’ll forgive its tardiness and enjoy it.


Meanwhile, my studies have waned a bit, but a surprise phone call from Lupita this past week, in which she bragged on my progress and even called me “bilingual”, has lit a fire under me, so I’m ready to hit “the books” (most likely Duolingo and Rocket Spanish) with new vigor!

I did start, even before her call, going back and reviewing some of my older Rocket Spanish lessons during my morning and/or evening commutes.  (I’ve even been known to listen to an occasional lesson while working, as long as i was doing something repetitive and mindless).

Last time I checked, Duolingo had me sitting at approximately 50% fluency, judging by whatever criteria they use.  (Not sure how it’s measured.)  I don’t know that I’ll ever hit 100%.  I’m not even 100% fluent in English!  But somewhere in the 67% range would make me…  ¿Cómo se dice in español “giddy”, hermanita?

¡Hasta luego, amigas!


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