Otra semana, otra canción… “Por Besarte”, de Lu.

I really love this song!  Ironically, I was researching another number by Lu — one I’ll  share with you algún día pronto — when I decided to put that one on the proverbial back burner and break out this upbeat little love song.  (The other one was likely more reflective of my dark mood these days, but I’ll spare you the details about that.)

The song is somewhat reminiscent (lyrically) of Prince Royce’s “Darte Un Beso”, una favorita de mi hermana gemela, and one that I’ll have to highlight in the near future.  For now, though, I’ll let Paty and Mario captivate you with their harmony.  I do so hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

La canción de la semana: “Por Besarte”

Progress report

I have been exploring other means of learning Spanish, including a return to using Duolingo on a daily basis.  I hope to give an update on that soon.  Reporting on my progress has, sadly, taken quite the downward turn.  Don’t think I haven’t noticed.  I’m disappointed in myself for falling behind.  It is, in a large part, due to the dark moods I alluded to above, but there are other forces also at play.

On the up side, I have developed an acquaintance with two young ladies who work the evening custodial shift in my office building.  I won’t give their names here, since I haven’t asked their permission, but these two mujeres speak almost entirely español, unlike Dulce Lupita, who is, of course fluent in at least 3 languages.  Thus, conversation with them is more challenging (no cheating!), but still rewarding.  I still look forward to the day when I can practice with Lupita daily again, though!

I stop by each afternoon (when I can) and visit with them for about 5-10 minutes and enjoy their laughter as I stumble through their beautiful language in an attempt to communicate with them.  I also recently learned that one of the ladies is una prima segunda to the proprietor of one of my favorite local restaurants.  Small world indeed!

On that note, I need to put the pan (bread) I’m taking her from his restaurant into my truck now, as not to forget it when I leave for work presently.  So, I’d best wrap this up.

¡Hasta luego, amigas!

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