¡Te pido perdón!  Usualmente, estas entradas son para miércoles, pero…

Hola, amigas.  I have another canción (song) for you this week, but I’m not getting it posted until Friday evening.  Go ahead — call me a slacker.  I deserve it!  Appropriately, the title of this song, “Perdón, Perdón”, actually begs for forgiveness, so I don’t have to!

This wonderful number by the lovely Pérez Mosa sisters, Hannah and Ashley (HA*ASH), was actually my first encounter with them.  It was suggested to me one evening, a long while back, while I was listening to Danna Paola on YouTube, and I thought, “Why not?”  So glad I did!

This is one case in which you’ll likely want to head over to (link below) and check out the lyrics and translation.  The singer is, indeed, asking for forgiveness.  However, at the risk of spoiling the surprise…  Well, you’ll see.

So, without further adieu (as Tim Ferriss likes to say), here’s HA*ASH with…


¡Hasta luego, amigas!

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