Jesse & Joy – Me Soltaste

¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tenemos “Me Soltaste”, de Jesse y Joy.

This past weekend, Latino Pop stars Jesse & Joy took Best Latin Pop Album with their 2015 work, Un Besito Más.  This sister-and-brother duo has had my attention since I first began this journey, over a year ago, and has remained one of my favorites.  At least a couple of their songs always end up in my mix CDs.  In fact, their touching ballad, Llegaste Tú, is one I can (and do) listen to every day — sometimes several times per day — without growing tired of it.

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Jesse y Joy – Dueles

Hola, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tememos Jesse y Joy con “Dueles”.

I’ve had this canción in my library for over a year now and amazed that I haven’t shared it already.  It’s about hurting, so I find it doubly amazing, because I’ve been doing a lot of that since about this time last year!  (Not for the same reasons as are put forth in this song, but hurting nevertheless.)   Read More


HA-ASH – Estés Donde Estés

Hola amigas.  Otra semana, otra vídeo — “Estés Donde Estés” (wherever you are).

This is a song I first encountered about a year back, when I first discovered Ha-Ash.  It is the 2nd track on their latest album, Primera Fila — Hecho Realidad.  But it debuted 11 years before as the sisters’ second single in 2003, and as the 4th track from their 1st album, Ha-Ash, released the same year.

I am a sucker for melancholy mixed with a driving rhythm, and this number has that in spades, right from the start:

Recuerdo tus besos…
Y en la distancia puedo oír tu voz…
Diciendo que esto no eran una adiós

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Paty Cantú – Quiero Tenerte

¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tememos para ti Paty Cantú (otra vez) representando “Quiero Tenerte” (con Erik Rubin).

Yes, it’s a repeat — another Cantú love ballad, and even another duet!  But, hey, it’s my birthday this week, and, for all I know, I’m the only one reading this blog.  I shall, then, as Brain Pickings’ lovely, thought-provoking Maria Popova advised in her interview with Tim Ferriss a couple of years back, write to please myself and hope that a few of you amigas find it useful, too!

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Paty Cantú — Aparador

Hola, amigas.  ¿Están listas para otra canción de la semana?  Si es así, ¡nosotros darte “Aparador”, de Paty Cantú, con María Barracuda y Niña Dioz!

This week’s canción (if you’ll pardon my Spanglish, as you usually do) is one I had never stumbled across on YouTube before receiving it as a Christmas gift this year on the Paty Cantú album, La Más Completa Colección (link for purchase below).  As with last week’s pick, I noticed that I was recognizing more and more of the lyrics (letras) and leaning on sites like Google Translate and less and less.  ¡Qué chévere!

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Thalía – El Próximo Viernes

Hola, queridas amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, es “El Próxima Viernes”, de Thalía.

As promised on my Facebook page a couple of days back, I want to share with you a cute little number by one of my new discoveries (new to me — not to everyone), Thalía.

This is not una vídeo música, per se, but a live performance.  I think you’ll forgive me for that once you watch and listen to it.  This chica packs a beautiful voice and a lot of charisma, and it’s fun just watching her have fun on stage with the audience and the band.  You can tell they enjoy her company and performance, as well. Read More


Lu – Será

Otra miércoles, otra canción… “Será”, de Lu.

I happened upon this interesting number while doing some research on another tune by Lu.  Ironically, I was looking for a happier substitute (lyrically) than the aforementioned, but this song also deals with leaving and losing.  Having a hard time getting away from that theme in Latina Pop!

On the other hand, it’s so beautifully festive and almost peppy, both musically and visually, that it acts as almost a pick-me-up to anyone who doesn’t understand the lyrics.   Read More

Duolingo Revisited (Otra Vez)

This is just a short update, mis amigas, to inform you that la esposa has taken the plunge, and is studying Spanish using Duolingo!  Pretty psyched.  She’s a few levels behind me at the moment, of course, but has more time to pour into studying and a longer history of studying (two university degrees).

Long story short:  I’m pretty psyched!  Before long, we’ll both be able to embarrass ourselves at Tex-Mex restaurants, trying to hold conversations with native Spanish speakers who will give us… that look.  😉  Seriously, though, this is something I’ve been encouraging her to try for a while, and I’m delighted that she’s interested.  I’ll keep you posted!

By the way, should you want to connect with either of us on Duolingo, here are our profiles:

Come and play with us!


Matisse – Por Última Vez

Buen día, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tememos “Por Última Vez” (For the Last Time), de Matisse.

La Canción de la Semana

I came across this video back when I started exploring Matisse, after encountering them, originally, as featured artists in the HA-ASH video “Sé Que Te Vas” (22 de junio de 2016).  While I fell in love with their style — both musical and visual — from the start upon seeing this very video, I couldn’t bring myself to share it, because, frankly, it’s just too melancholy.  (Even for me!) Read More


Jenny and The Mexicats – Flor

¡Otra semana, otra canción!  Esta semana, tenemos Jenny and the Mexicats interpretando “Flor”.

Two reasons for sharing this today.  Let’s go backward.  Second, I was got into the mood for another Jenny tune, since it had been a few weeks (months?) since I shared one.  First, I actually had a HA-ASH song on my mind all day and had thought of posting that, but then I got to reviewing my feed and realized I’d hit you with quite a few of those recently.  Time for a change-up.  Hannah and Ashley will be back.  Just not this week.

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