Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Maná’s “Mi verdad” (“My Truth”) — un dúo con Shakira.

Divergence on Shakira

My day-job boss and I usually enjoy some of the same tunes.  Not always, but sometimes.  A couple of days ago, though, I came across this Maná-Shakira combo and IM’ed him the link.  His response?  “Shakira’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.”

Well, that’s not this case with esta  gemela, I assure you!  In fact, I find the girl’s voice intoxicating, esp. when contrasted with Sr. Olvera’s.  It reminds me a bit of the wonderful texture blend experienced when enjoying Joy Huerta’s dúo with Alejandro Sanz in “No Soy Una de Esas“, which I shared with you back in May of 2016.  (Where does the time go!?)

This one’s a straightforward love song, too, proclaiming to one’s amante such things as…

Tu eres mi amor, mi alegría    (You are my love, my joy)
La verdad de mi vida    (The truth of my life)
Mi bebé que calma el alma con risas    (My baby who calms my soul with laughter)
Tu eres mi refugio y mi verdad    (You are my refuge and my truth)
In the words of a true 70s child….  Heavy; huh?  I hope (and pretty much know) you amigas will enjoy “Mi Verdad”….

Hablando de música…

I almost held off on sharing this post with you, because, since my last posting 2 weeks ago, I have only managed to listen to half of the Rocket Spanish lesson I’ve been trying to complete before writing — “Concert”, wherein Mauricio and his amigo, Mario, sneak into a Soda Stereo concert.

Between the drudgery that is my day job and the drama of my “leisure” time (e.g., dentist appointments, long-lost cousins wanting to reconnect, and panic-induced gas shortages hundreds of miles inland from Hurricane Harvey), I have just kept putting it off.  But I have managed to listen to the first 10 minutes or so, and it’s looking like more practice with preterite past tense verbs, some additional vocabulary, and (skipping ahead in the transcript) a little encouragement to try out Latin music.  (Way ahead of you there, Mauricio.)

Well, that about wraps it up for this week, I guess.  Duolingo is still showing me as 46% fluent, which when I realize that I’d passed the 50% mark months ago and am recognizing more and more words and phrases in Latin music without the assistance of an online translator, kind of ticks me off.  But…. está bien.  I’ll get there.  Care to ride along?

¡Hasta luego, amigas!

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