Otra miércoles, otra canción… “Será”, de Lu.

I happened upon this interesting number while doing some research on another tune by Lu.  Ironically, I was looking for a happier substitute (lyrically) than the aforementioned, but this song also deals with leaving and losing.  Having a hard time getting away from that theme in Latina Pop!

On the other hand, it’s so beautifully festive and almost peppy, both musically and visually, that it acts as almost a pick-me-up to anyone who doesn’t understand the lyrics.  Since that’s still me, for the most part (getting there, but slowly), I’ve watched and listened to it a few times in recent days and have decided to share it with you, mis amigas.  I also ordered this song on iTunes before I realized it was available on Amazon (link below), so I now have two ways of listening to it on my phone.  Oh, the joys of getting older!

¡Hasta la próxima vez, amigas!

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