Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos La Oreja de Van Gogh’s “Diciembre” (“December”).

¡Estoy muy viejo, amigas!

Or, at least, I’m feeling old tonight.  Esta canción, “Diciembre”, is reminding me quite a lot of another song I’ve heard before, but I cannot place it for the life of me!  One of the things that caught my eye about this video is that it displays the “lyrics” of my 2nd language (música) in the top, left-hand corner, and the lyrics of the language I’m attempting to master (español) across the imagery in the video.

Double-plus-good!  (Okay, okay… NewSpeak is a language I’d just as soon forget.)

This group’s name — Van Gogh’s ear — makes me chuckle a little, and the imagery in the lyric video is oddly reminiscent of his style.  However, the music is beautiful, and they lyrics are dead serious…

¿Qué más da que llueva?  ¿Qué más da mojarnos si bajo el paraguas no vas de mi brazo?
En inglés…

So what if it rains?  So what if we get wet, if, under the umbrella, you don’t take my arm?

Amigas, please let us know how what you think of “Diciembre”; won’t you?

Present & Past Perfect…. Still

I keep needing to repeat these two lessons on Duolingo, for some reason.  Whether it’s a feature of the site or a flaw, I’m not sure, but it’s at least forcing me to learn these verb forms pretty well.

As for my Rocket Spanish studies, I haven’t joined Amy, Mauricio, Mario, and Carmen for any new lessons in over a week now.  That said, I do get a chance, on occasion, to review a previous lesson during my daily commute.  Hopefully, before too long, I’ll have more news on that front for you and share some details of the various lessons in “past preterite” tense I’ve been learning since starting the 2nd course.  I’m looking forward to it.  Bueno…

¡Hasta luego, amigas!

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