¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tenemos Jesse & Joy’s “Mi Tesoro”.

Hangin’ with las Hermanas Huertas

Here’s another sweet love song from one of my favorite couple of hermanas (the other being HA-ASH, of course).  It’s fun to listen to, fun to watch, and fun to learn with, inasmuch as the lyrics flash across a window full of psychedelic colors and shapes.  (Sorry, all you old-timers — no bouncing ball to follow here.)

The tune is upbeat, and Joy’s beautiful voice takes it over the top.  What I was encouraged by was just how much of it I was able to translate on my own, before double-checking myself with online tools.  According to Duolingo, I’m down to 40% Spanish fluency.  I think they’re just ticked that I haven’t practiced in a while after that discouraging break in my rather long study streak a while back.  (More on that later.)

Evidently, though, 40% fluency, along with constant immersion into Latina pop, has me at the point where a clearly-sung number like this one is reasonably easy to comprehend!  See how you do with it (those of you who are studying with me):

Isn’t that lovely?  Check out the chorus:

Eres mi tesoro; cada segundo me enamoro más, si a mi lado estás.
Lo tengo todo; es suficiente con los ricos besos que tú me das!

Which, loosely translated, means…

You are my treasure; every second I am more in love, if you’re by my side.
I have it all; the rich kisses you give me are enough!

I took some liberty — not a word-for-word translation.  However, as we’ve discussed before, that’s pretty much the way much interpretation goes, since the answer to “how do you say ____ in Spanish” is often, “you don’t!”

Duolingo azules

See?  There’s an example.  The colloquialism for sadness/melancholy “the blues”, literally translated, would not grok with a native Spanish speaker.  But while I have your attention…

As I mentioned earlier, I fell behind in my Duolingo practice after growing discouraged (and a little angry) about breaking my approximately 2 month-long streak back in February.  Well, I’m at it again.  Frankly, I’m quite astonished with just how well I could still breeze through the exercises after such a long hiatus!

Granted, I haven’t gone cold turkey on studying, having participated in the 1st of a series of 5 courses from UC Davis, and having reviewed quite a few of my Rocket Spanish (affiliate link) lessons from the past year and a half in preparation for moving forward into Level 2.  But I was still plenty pleased to learn that some of what I’d studied had “burned in”, so to speak.  It’s very exciting!

Once again, if you enjoyed this canción and would like to have it on your device, computer, or even just to play “from the cloud” on Amazon Music, please help us out here at El Viaje and use the affiliate link below to make your purchase.

¡Hasta luego, amigas!


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