¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tenemos “Me Soltaste”, de Jesse y Joy.

This past weekend, Latino Pop stars Jesse & Joy took Best Latin Pop Album with their 2015 work, Un Besito Más.  This sister-and-brother duo has had my attention since I first began this journey, over a year ago, and has remained one of my favorites.  At least a couple of their songs always end up in my mix CDs.  In fact, their touching ballad, Llegaste Tú, is one I can (and do) listen to every day — sometimes several times per day — without growing tired of it.

One of the ballads from this album that I had not paid much attention to is featured in their newest vídeo de música:  “Me Soltaste”.  The music is haunting, and the scenery, gorgeous.  Joy’s vocals are delightful, and Jesse, as usual, masters any musical instrument he touches.  One of the great things about a ballad, too, is that it helps me hear the lyrics better, since they’re not moving too fast for my yet-untrained ear.

Felicidades, Jesse y Joy, on your Grammy win, and on your newest video — one I’m sure will be wildly popular.

¡Hasta luego, amigas!


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