¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tenemos Jenny and the Mexicats’ “Tanto Tiempo” (“So Long”)

Jenny’s back!

¡Qué chévere, amigas!  This song is upbeat, it’s happy, it’s lovely.  It’s hilarious!  Jenny and her boys dance among lyrics and musical notes flying about the screen, while telling a story of having waited for someone for so long, and finally encountering them at a party, where they danced, evidently.

Now, there really isn’t much more to the story than that, folks.  If you’re looking for anything more thick-plotted, I’ll try my best to find you something soon.  But isn’t that a fantastic feeling, though: after waiting tanto tiempo to see someone you love — be it a family member, una novia/novio, or even a good friend — and finally encountering them?

Or, as I believe the lyrics actually specify, to finally meet someone you’ve been looking for all your life.  Now that’s the stuff of Hollywood’s best silver-screen romances!  Either way, Jenny’s story makes for a happy ending, it would seem.  Mira…

¿Estoy hacer concesiones?

Those among you who are grammar sticklers may have noticed that I flagrantly tossed about the (to some, infamous) “plural they” a few times.  Have I softened on it?  (We’re talking about English here, by the way.)  Maybe.  Just a bit.  There’s a reason, and I’m not ready to share it.  (Nor would you likely return here to read more, if I did.)  Suffice to say, though, that it was from logical — not political — pressure.  (Thanks, Grammar Girl!)

Llamando Señor Saul

I was just watching, con mi esposa, one of my favorite series on TV these days, Better Call Saul.  At the beginning of the episode, as was the case in so many episodes of Breaking Bad, there was Spanish dialog.  While we did have the subtitles enabled and could see the translation scrolling, I noticed that I needed them less than usual!

I’m evidently developing somewhat of an ear for this language, finally.  Don’t get me wrong — I have a long way to go, still.  As I mentioned last time, Duolingo busted be back down to 40% last I checked, since I hadn’t been online to practice with them.  (Either they’re very vindictive, or they like to keep one honest.)

Tiempo para ir…

Bueno, querida gente, it’s time for me to leave you for this week.  We do so hope you enjoy “Tanto Tiempo” as much as we here at El Viaje did.  And, if not, I’m pretty sure next week’s video will do the trick.  (Bringing Danna back for another appearance.)

¡Hasta luego, amigas!


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