It has been a few semanas since I last treated you, mi amigas, to a Jesse y Joy video.  I remember catching this one, actually, the day it was released on YouTube and realizing that I liked it even more (musically, that is) than the original arrangement.  That was a hard opinion to come by, since “Ecos de Amor” was already one of my 3 favorite J&J canciones!

I’ll provide a link to that one below the video, in case you want to let me know whether you agree.  (Please don’t hesitate!  Lupita and I would more than welcome comments here apart from our own.)

One of the factors that appeals to me, of course, apart from the beautiful musical treatment, is the inclusion of lyrics (con letras) with this version.  Bonus for those of us attempting to learn the language!

Original “Ecos de Amor” video:
English version (“Echoes of Love”):

¡Bueno, hasta luego, amigas!



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