¡Otra semana, otra canción!  Amigas, esto es “Duele”, de Lu.

Más de Paty (y amigas)

This is yet another post I had sitting in my drafts folder for some reason, but hadn’t gotten around to sharing.  (Before long, I’m going to end up running out of those and have to start scouting again!)  I know that I’ve been sharing a lot of Paty Cantú lately.

There are several good reasons, one of which I will share:  I have received a few of her CDs recently for birthdays, etc., and I’m absolutely taken with her voice!  Bear with me.  I’ll eventually give you a bit more variety.

Dime si mañana abro puertas y ventanas
Y dejar entrar la calma como si nunca pasara nada


As usual, while it’s the language immersion that drives me to listen to these songs — or did, at first, anyway — I am also addicted, for lack of better word, to the music.  And to the cinematography, lighting, sets, props, and makeup.  And to the dance and motion — even facial expressions.  This duo does it all, and does it well.  I hope you enjoy “Duele”.

Muy poco progreso últimamente

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t progressed much, study-wise, since the last time I posted.  Most of my study time these days is devoted to attempting to catch up at work.  That said, a healthy chunk of it can be chalked up to my being lazy.  I’m excited about becoming fluent, but often not excited enough to dive into my studies after a long day at work and on the road.  Still, I do manage to go back and re-listen to a Rocket Spanish lesson I’ve already completed on my commute, and every repetition does help a bit.

When I do have something more positive to share (hopefully soon), I’ll certainly let you know.

¡Hasta luego, amigas!

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