¡Otra semana, otra canción!  Esta semana, nosotras tenemos Chino y Nacho’s “Andas En Mi Cabeza”, con Daddy Yankee.

How fun is this one!?  Our small town has about 3 restaurants.  Three, that is, that are not taco or hamburger chains.  (Even those are scarce.)  Our favorite is run by a Mexican-American family, and they recently hired a young waitress who struck up a conversation with my wife and me about various Latino groups we all like.

Vídeo de la Semana

One of the artists she mentioned to us was Daddy Yankee, which I realize, does not sound as though it would be a Latin name.  I had all but forgotten the conversation until a few days back, when I happened onto this in my YouTube suggestions feed and noticed the familiar name (alongside those of Chico and Nacho, of course).  Had to give it a shot!  And I’m glad I did, of course.  I hope you are, too!

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of the rap/hip-hop/whatever-else-it’s-called style.  And there are certain sub-genres within rap that I still cannot stand to this day.  But, on occasion, I come across a sample that really gets my feet moving, makes me smile, and amps up the serotonin levels.  This is an example of such a tune, though, admittedly, it’s not rap from start to finish.

If you care to give the lyrics (and a few English translations) a peek, you can do so at  If you really, really like the song, please consider using my affiliate link down below all these ramblings to add it to your Amazon Music library.

Duolingo Progress

I went crazy a day or two ago on Duolingo.  I’ve given up trying to maintain a “streak”, which is what they encourage, of course.  Much as I’d love to study a steady 20-30 minutes per day, the reality is that I just don’t get that done.  It’s not that I don’t want to.  And I’m not “too busy”.  I’m just too forgetful, too undisciplined, and to darn distracted, I suppose!

Well, getting back to why it’s crazy…  I usually study about 3-4 times a day, when I remember, and feel pretty good about both what I’ve learned in the past, and what I am picking up in the present.  This time, though, I got to wondering whether I couldn’t “test out” of some of the topics — namely “Ir Future”, “Countries”, “Adjectives 2”, and “Pronouns”.  I passed all 4 in one day, and I was so pleased!

Though it’s impossible for me to say which, if any, learning tool has benefited me most in my studies, I do know that Duolingo has played a significant role, and, though it doesn’t earn me any affiliate commissions to say so, I highly recommend the tool to you and others each time I mention it.  It’s especially nice for monitoring progress.  (Assuming they’re accurate, I’m now considered 44% fluent.)

On that note, I suppose that it’s a good day to get at least one Rocket Spanish lesson done, as well.  Or, since my esposa seems to be napping, perhaps I’ll simply peruse one of the e-books they include in their package.  Y ahora…

¡Hasta luego, amigas!


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