Danna Paola – No Es Cierto

Otra miércoles, otra canción… “No Es Cierto”

Buenos días, amigas, y bienvenido a mi blog.   This week’s vídeo de música is Danna Paola’s “No Es Cierto“, featuring Noel Schajris.  This song/video was actually one of the first I ever came across back in the early days of my attempting to enrich my studies with immersion techniques.  (I’m afraid that I’ve gotten more into the habit of immersion than study at this point, but that’s a story for another day.)  It became especially meaningful to me, though shortly after that.

I can’t remember the exact progression, but I encountered young Danna in YouTube’s “up next” column while watching one of Lupita’s favourites, Prince Royce’s “Soy El Mismo” last otoño.  It’s actually surprising to me that I’m just now featuring it here, as I remember finding it so moving when I first heard it!  No Es Cierto translates to “It’s Not True”, which is what the 2 end up admitting after pretending to be happy and well without each other’s company…

¿A quién engaño?,
¿Qué estoy haciendo?
¡Cómo te extraño!
¡Me estoy mintiendo!

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