Jesse & Joy – Mi Tesoro

¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tenemos Jesse & Joy’s “Mi Tesoro”.

Hangin’ with las Hermanas Huertas

Here’s another sweet love song from one of my favorite couple of hermanas (the other being HA-ASH, of course).  It’s fun to listen to, fun to watch, and fun to learn with, inasmuch as the lyrics flash across a window full of psychedelic colors and shapes.  (Sorry, all you old-timers — no bouncing ball to follow here.)

The tune is upbeat, and Joy’s beautiful voice takes it over the top.   Read More


Jesse & Joy – Me Soltaste

¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tenemos “Me Soltaste”, de Jesse y Joy.

This past weekend, Latino Pop stars Jesse & Joy took Best Latin Pop Album with their 2015 work, Un Besito Más.  This sister-and-brother duo has had my attention since I first began this journey, over a year ago, and has remained one of my favorites.  At least a couple of their songs always end up in my mix CDs.  In fact, their touching ballad, Llegaste Tú, is one I can (and do) listen to every day — sometimes several times per day — without growing tired of it.

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Jesse y Joy – Dueles

Hola, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tememos Jesse y Joy con “Dueles”.

I’ve had this canción in my library for over a year now and amazed that I haven’t shared it already.  It’s about hurting, so I find it doubly amazing, because I’ve been doing a lot of that since about this time last year!  (Not for the same reasons as are put forth in this song, but hurting nevertheless.)   Read More


Jesse y Joy – Espacio Sideral

¡Otra miércoles, más música!

This week’s video is actually a long time coming.  I believe I meant to share it with you several weeks (maybe months) ago and… well… life gets crazy sometimes and we older folks forget what we were intending to do.

The cool part of this, though, is that mi esposa Josie and I were sitting at a restaurant yesterday and heard it playing.  I immediately recognized it as a Jesse and Joy tune, but couldn’t remember which it was.  Immediately browsing their YouTube channel on my cell phone, I located it and remember that I hadn’t yet shared it with you!  Well, the time has come.  Enjoy!

(Oh, and if you care to look up the lyrics and English translations, browse to

¡Hasta luego, amigas!


Jesse y Joy – Ecos de Amor

It has been a few semanas since I last treated you, mi amigas, to a Jesse y Joy video.  I remember catching this one, actually, the day it was released on YouTube and realizing that I liked it even more (musically, that is) than the original arrangement.  That was a hard opinion to come by, since “Ecos de Amor” was already one of my 3 favorite J&J canciones!

I’ll provide a link to that one below the video, in case you want to let me know whether you agree.  (Please don’t hesitate!  Lupita and I would more than welcome comments here apart from our own.)

One of the factors that appeals to me, of course, apart from the beautiful musical treatment, is the inclusion of lyrics (con letras) with this version.  Bonus for those of us attempting to learn the language!

Original “Ecos de Amor” video:
English version (“Echoes of Love”):

¡Bueno, hasta luego, amigas!




Jesse y Joy – Si Te Vas

Hola, amigas.  (¡Y feliz cumpleaños a mi hermana, Lupita!)  🙂

Here’s another favorite of ours from another sister-and-brother team, Jesse y Joy — “Si Te Vas” (translated, “If you go”).  The song’s a bit sad, but the music is upbeat, and the video has some fun bits if you wait for them.  Even some of the lyrics might give you a little chuckle.  E.g.,

Si no estás mi alma extrañará
tu imperfecta personalidad.
… which is reminiscent of the irony in one of HA*ASH’s hits — one I haven’t shared with you yet, but will soon.  (Be sure to come back next week!)

We welcome your comments, of course.  Would you like more Jesse & Joy?  Prefer the “snappy” tunes?  The ballads?  Neither?  Both?

¡Hasta luego, amigas!


Jesse y Joy – No Soy Una de Esas

¡Más música para su miércoles!

Amigas, here’s a fun one.  I found this Jesse y Joy vídeo way back before I first shared my all-time favorite of theirs, Llegaste Tú, back in el marzo.  This one also features Alejandro Sanz, and Joy’s voice blends beautifully with his.

Lupita y yo esperamos que lo disfruten (Did I get that right, Lupita?)

¡Hasta luego, amigas!

If you liked this song and would like to download it to your device within seconds and continue enjoying it…


Jesse y Joy – Llegaste Tú

All right, señoras y señores, here’s yet another Joaquin pick for this weekend’s listening pleasure.  It’s performed by one of my 2 favorite Latina singers, Joy Huerta (performing with her brother, Jesse, as usual).

The song is beautiful musically, and the words are pretty even when not understood.  I suggest that you listen to it once or twice just for the aural pleasure.  Once you’ve done so, treat yourself to the translation, which I’ll link below.  This is a very sweet and moving canción de amor (love song), as I’m sure you’ll agree.

On YouTube: