Danna Paola – Agüita

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Danna Paola’s”Agüita” (“Water”).

Danna’s back!

What is “agüita”?  Well, I looked it up several places, and for several reasons.  And I got several answers!  A couple of interesting ones were “tea”, which is evidently true only in Chile, and “dough”, which is what the word means in Andes.  However, the most popular translation was, of course, water, which is obvious when you read the lyrics in context, as well.

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Danna Paola – Agridulce

¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, tenemos Danna Paola’s “Agridulce” (“Bittersweet”).

¡Esta es una de mis canciones favoritas!  So, why am I just now sharing it?  Well, my only source for Danna’s videos used to be her “Vevo” channel on YouTube, where she boasts a total of… wait for it… 4 (four, cuatro) videos!  They’re all fantastic, mind you, but what a small sampling of this chica’s work!

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Danna Paola – No Es Cierto

Otra miércoles, otra canción… “No Es Cierto”

Buenos días, amigas, y bienvenido a mi blog.   This week’s vídeo de música is Danna Paola’s “No Es Cierto“, featuring Noel Schajris.  This song/video was actually one of the first I ever came across back in the early days of my attempting to enrich my studies with immersion techniques.  (I’m afraid that I’ve gotten more into the habit of immersion than study at this point, but that’s a story for another day.)  It became especially meaningful to me, though shortly after that.

I can’t remember the exact progression, but I encountered young Danna in YouTube’s “up next” column while watching one of Lupita’s favourites, Prince Royce’s “Soy El Mismo” last otoño.  It’s actually surprising to me that I’m just now featuring it here, as I remember finding it so moving when I first heard it!  No Es Cierto translates to “It’s Not True”, which is what the 2 end up admitting after pretending to be happy and well without each other’s company…

¿A quién engaño?,
¿Qué estoy haciendo?
¡Cómo te extraño!
¡Me estoy mintiendo!

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Danna Paola – Todo Fue Un Show

¡Otro miércoles, más música!

I came across this video, actually, several weeks ago, when I was just  discovering Danna Paola.  It is rather tragic lyrically, but it’s beautiful in every other way possible — i.e., Danna’s lovely voice; the scenery; her wardrobe, hair, and makeup; and even the lighting and lens filters!

It is also one of the many songs I’ve listened to lately in which I have noticed a difference between the way certain words are pronounced and the way the Spanish textbooks tell us to pronounce them.  More on this when I write about it this weekend!  Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the song.

¡Hasta luego, amigas!