Thalía – Solo Parecía Amor

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles jueves (por una buena razón), otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Thalía’s “Solo Parecía Amor” (“Only Seemed Like Love”).

Más de La Reina

Here is another beautiful canción from a beautiful young lady, the queen of Latina Pop, Thalía!  I usually go in for Thalía’s faster moving numbers, but this one accented her voice so well, and featured such dramatic and vibrant wardrobe and makeup, too, that I can’t resist watching it every time it pops up in my YouTube queue.

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Lu – Por Besarte

Otra semana, otra canción… “Por Besarte”, de Lu.

I really love this song!  Ironically, I was researching another number by Lu — one I’ll  share with you algún día pronto — when I decided to put that one on the proverbial back burner and break out this upbeat little love song.  (The other one was likely more reflective of my dark mood these days, but I’ll spare you the details about that.)

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Danna Paola – No Es Cierto

Otra miércoles, otra canción… “No Es Cierto”

Buenos días, amigas, y bienvenido a mi blog.   This week’s vídeo de música is Danna Paola’s “No Es Cierto“, featuring Noel Schajris.  This song/video was actually one of the first I ever came across back in the early days of my attempting to enrich my studies with immersion techniques.  (I’m afraid that I’ve gotten more into the habit of immersion than study at this point, but that’s a story for another day.)  It became especially meaningful to me, though shortly after that.

I can’t remember the exact progression, but I encountered young Danna in YouTube’s “up next” column while watching one of Lupita’s favourites, Prince Royce’s “Soy El Mismo” last otoño.  It’s actually surprising to me that I’m just now featuring it here, as I remember finding it so moving when I first heard it!  No Es Cierto translates to “It’s Not True”, which is what the 2 end up admitting after pretending to be happy and well without each other’s company…

¿A quién engaño?,
¿Qué estoy haciendo?
¡Cómo te extraño!
¡Me estoy mintiendo!

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Paty Cantú – Rompo Contigo

¡Otra miércoles, otra vídeo de música!

Well, I’m not 100% certain about the lyrics of this one — haven’t run it through the translators just yet.  But it’s both musically and visually pleasing, as are so many of Paty’s videos, so I’ll share it with you and play around with the lyrics later.  (The good news — I’m getting to the point where I can follow some of them w/o cheating!)

¡Hasta luego, amigas!

Prince Royce – Stand By Me

I got a little nostalgic while writing Sunday’s post, folks.  Those of you who have followed my progress for a while can likely figure out why.  So, I have decided to share with you another Prince Royce video I enjoy.  This one is only partially sung in Español, but I like it, so it’s this week’s música del miércoles., nonetheless.  (I think you’ll forgive me once you’ve experienced it.)

(Once again, should the folks over at YouTube not allow you to play the embedded video from here, you can also find it at

¡Hasta luego, amigas!



Prince Royce – Soy El Mismo

Mi hermanita dulce, Lupita, introduces me, from time to time, to Latina music she loves.  This is my favorite, and I thought I’d share it for you to enjoy.  I have linked to another video with lyrics (con letra), as well as an English translation of said lyrics below.

This song is very pleasing to me musically, and I enjoy it in an academic sense, inasmuch as it helps me hear and internalize pronunciation.  However, what I enjoy most is that the lyrics are so very sweet and sentimental.  I’m a sucker for that, I’m afraid.  I hope you enjoy it, too.  I’ll post others Lupita shares with me, as well as those I discover on my own, from time to time.

¡Hasta luego, amigas!

Prince Royce – Soy el mismo (con letra – lyrics)


¡Hola, el mundo!

Me llamo Joaquin.  Y el nombre de mi hermana muy cariñoso es Lupita.  Nosotros quieren…

Okay, I’ll have to stop right there.  However, before too long, I’ll hopefully be writing to you more and more in Spanish.  Make that Español, going forward, actually.

For a more detailed look at why I’m starting this journey (viaje), please check my About page, but here’s the “Reader’s Digest” version:  ¡Me gusta Español!

A few days ago, my wonderful wife bought me one of the most thoughtful gifts ever, a lifetime subscription to Rocket Languages.  I am very eager to get started.  I have heard the site praised by a person I respect, and what he liked about it is important to me, as well: the fact that its purpose is to teach one how to speak, write, and read languages — not just order drinks at a restaurant or hail a taxi.

My new friends, Amy and Mauricio, are the instructors at Rocket Languages (Rocket Spanish, in my case).  My sister, Lupita, will hopefully be my personal mentor, keeping me accountable to learning what I need to be learning, correcting my mistakes from time to time, and assisting me in my attempt at immersion in her beautiful language.  She will be as instrumental as my virtual instructors, if not more so.

Well, that about wraps it up until my next post, but I do hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter and keep up with my progress.

¡Hasta luego!