On Hiatus

Hola, amigas.

I am sorry to tell you that I have no news (of my progress) for you this week, no song, no helpful hints…  only this statement:

I have to stop blogging for now.  I can’t explain why, at least not at the moment.  I cannot tell you when I’ll start again.

I do intend to maintain my Facebook page, Hermano Joaquin’s Viaje, where I will drop some occasional links to songs I like and some brief updates when I am able to make some meager amount of progress.

Lo siento, amigas.  Hasta luego.


Ventino – Me Equivoqué

Esta miércoles, os traemos Ventino’s “Me Equivoqué” (“I Was Wrong”).

¡Ellas son de Colombia!

Amigas, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a group I found a week ago whilst trolling the YouTube channels.  I have no idea to whom I was listening when I saw these fresh young faces pop up in my suggestion feed on YouTube.

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Paty Cantú – Goma De Mascar

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Paty Cantú’s “Goma De Mascar” (“Chewing Gum”).

¡Paty ha regresado!

No sorpresa; ella es una de mis favoritas.  Not one of my favorites of hers, though (musically, at least), this video was still worth posting, if for no other reason than its similarity in theme to HA-ASH’s “Odio Amarte” and, for that matter, Sheryl Crow’s “My Favorite Mistake”.

Paty equates her amor in this video to “goma de mascar en mi zapato” (chewing gum on her shoe).   Read More


Fey ft. Lenny de la Rosa – No Me Acostumbro

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Fey y Lenny’s “No Me Acostumbro” (“I’m Not Accustomed”).

Another tune from el Patrón

My day-job boss has done it again!  He has been known to introduce me to some good music in the past.  (Think Noelia.)  One day last week, while he was working remotely and we were communicating only by Skype (not too much different from when he’s at the office), he shot me the link to this song on YouTube.  He and I don’t always share the same taste in music, but we do more times than not.

I haven’t had time to translate this, though I did understand some of the lyrics as I was listening to it.

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Maná – Mi Verdad

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Maná’s “Mi verdad” (“My Truth”) — un dúo con Shakira.

Divergence on Shakira

My day-job boss and I usually enjoy some of the same tunes.  Not always, but sometimes.  A couple of days ago, though, I came across this Maná-Shakira combo and IM’ed him the link.  His response?  “Shakira’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.”

Well, that’s not this case with esta  gemela, I assure you!   Read More


Noelia – Tú

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Noelia’s “Tú” (“You”).

¡Presentando Noelia!

Several weeks ago (o, hace varias semanas), my day-job boss shared a video with me via Skype from una chiquita llamado Noelia.  This is actually not that video — I’m saving it for later.  However, as such a transaction often does, his sharing that one prompted me to explore the young woman’s work, upon which I found this gem.

Noelia’s voice is so rich and smooth — I almost want to say “creamy” — that I find myself listening to her canciones on loop.

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La Oreja de Van Gogh – Diciembre

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos La Oreja de Van Gogh’s “Diciembre” (“December”).

¡Estoy muy viejo, amigas!

Or, at least, I’m feeling old tonight.  Esta canción, “Diciembre”, is reminding me quite a lot of another song I’ve heard before, but I cannot place it for the life of me!  One of the things that caught my eye about this video is that it displays the “lyrics” of my 2nd language (música) in the top, left-hand corner, and the lyrics of the language I’m attempting to master (español) across the imagery in the video.

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Julieta Venegas – Lento

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Julieta Venegas’ “Lento” (“Slow”).

¡Rara, pero muy linda, este vídeo!

We first brought you some music by Julieta a few weeks back with Eres Para Mí.  (It’s still my favorite from her repertorio, actually.)  This one caught my ear and my eye a few days back while I was working.  I’m fortunate enough (and unfortunate enough — another story for another day) to work as a system administrator in my day-job life, so one of the perks is constant YouTube, Spotify, etc., if I’m not in meetings.

This tune started playing

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HA-ASH – ¿De Dónde Sacas Eso?

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos HA-ASH’s “¿De Dónde Sacas Eso?” (“Where Do You Get That?”).

Sacar: to take out, to remove

This week’s canción features, yet again, the verb “sacar” (conjugated sacas herein), in its lyrics.  The word is quite the chameleon, being used to express ideas from “remove” to “leave” to, in this case, “get/understand”.  Versatile; eh?  The lyrics in this one are quite clever, reminding us somewhat (in spirit) of those in “Perdón Perdón“:

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Paty Cantú – Clavo Que Saca Otro Clavo

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles, otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Paty Cantú’s “Clavo Que Saca Otro Clavo” (“Nail That Drives Out Another”).

Hooked on Paty (y Lu, también)

Recently, I have been listening to a lot of Lu and Paty Cantú.  Stands to reason, I guess, since I purchased a couple of albums of their work recently and have been testing my ripping software.  (Side note:  While I love using Linux in most cases, it’s working with AV that makes me miss my MacBook at times.)

Paty’s voice grew on me.  That is, when I first heard her, I liked her.  One of the first few videos I shared was actually a Paty Cantú hit called “Suerte“, as a matter of fact.

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Thalía – Solo Parecía Amor

Buenos días, amigas.  ¡Otra miércoles jueves (por una buena razón), otra canción!  Esta semana, os traemos Thalía’s “Solo Parecía Amor” (“Only Seemed Like Love”).

Más de La Reina

Here is another beautiful canción from a beautiful young lady, the queen of Latina Pop, Thalía!  I usually go in for Thalía’s faster moving numbers, but this one accented her voice so well, and featured such dramatic and vibrant wardrobe and makeup, too, that I can’t resist watching it every time it pops up in my YouTube queue.

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